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Travelling salesman problem (TSP) is a combinatorial optimization problem. It is NP hard problem and TSP is the most intensively studied problem in the area of optimization. There are a number of approximation algorithms and heuristics proposed in the literature which can yield to good solutions. But with the increase in the number of cities, the complexity(More)
Both parallel and distributed network environment systems play a vital role in the improvement of high performance computing. The primary concern when analyzing these systems is multiprocessor task scheduling. This paper addresses the problem of efficient multiprocessor task scheduling. A multiprocessor task scheduling problem is represented as directed(More)
Multiprocessor architectures are becoming more attractive for embedded systems, primarily because major processor manufacturers like Intel and AMD are designing cost effective processors even for personal computers and laptops. This makes such architectures very desirable for embedded system applications with high computational workloads, where additional,(More)
Vo ol lu um me e 6 6 • • N Nu um mb be er r 1 1 S Se ep p-M Ma ar r 2 20 01 15 5 p pp p. .6 67 7-7 72 2 a av va ai il la ab bl le e o on nl li in ne e a at t w ww ww Abstract: Scheduling parallel tasks on multiprocessor systems is to allocate a set of tasks to processors such that the optimal usage of processors and accepted computation time for scheduling(More)
It is always a very costly process to achieve a high level of reliability in software industry. So it is desirable for an industry to design software with minimum cost and optimal level of reliability. This paper addresses the problem of maximizing reliability of software by minimizing the overall cost of software. The technique deals with selecting various(More)
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