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Laxmi and Saraswati: The perceptions of nano-scientists and policymakers of academic entrepreneurship in India
Abstract Innovation fuelled by Science & Technology is seen as the panacea for growth, inclusive development and international competitiveness. Aligned with this view, there is a growing interest inExpand
Learning Beyond Boundaries: Policy-Making in the Time of a Pandemic
This commentary critically analyses the recent policy response to the COVID 19 crisis in India. By debunking the illusion of control through intelligent use of science and technology, we argue forExpand
A Study of Viability of Opening Sports Themed Restaurants in Metropolitan Cities
Sports-themed restaurants are the leisure places that combine fun activities related to sports such as pool, football, bowling with food and beverage. Some of the world’s best sports-themedExpand
Knowledge politics, vulnerability and recognition-based justice: Public participation in renewable energy transitions in India
Abstract Public participation plays a crucial role in achieving Renewable Energy Transitions (RET). Existing research on energy transitions suggests that for seeking the active participation of allExpand