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The tremendous increase in information available over the Internet has created a challenge in searching of useful information, therefore intelligent approaches are needed to provide users to efficiently locate and retrieve information from the Web. In recent times recommender systems, recommend everything from movies, books, music, restaurant, news to(More)
Shopping Agent is a kind of Web application software that, when queried by the customer, provides him/her with the consolidated list of the information about all the retail products relating to a query from various e-commerce sites and resources. This helps customers to decide on the best site that provides nearest, cheapest and most reliable product that(More)
Cloud computing brings advancement in the field of information technology. Cloud computing now offers organizations more choices regarding how to run infrastructures, save costs, and delegate liabilities to third -party providers. It offers variety of computing services to end users. These services are offered at different prices using various pricing(More)
Enormous information has considered being promising application in the field of data and correspondence innovation (ICT). WSNs are utilized to assemble enormous information in correspondence innovation. In the vast majority of case the information from single sensor is insufficient useful to client. To assemble huge information, it is important to(More)
Extremely large data sets often known as ‘Big Data’ are analyzed for interesting patterns, trends, and associations, especially those relating to human behavior and interactions. Extraction of meaningful and useful information needs to be done in parallel using advanced clustering algorithms. In this paper, effort has been made to tweak in changes to the(More)
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