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A quick and reproducible capillary electrophoresis method was optimized and validated for the assay of bovine serum albumin (BSA). The effects of various parameters such as pH of buffer, concentration of buffer, capillary dimensions, use of coated capillaries, and additives such as surfactants and protein solubilizers were evaluated. The capillary coatings(More)
Biodegradable microspheres were evaluated as vaccine adjuvants based on their ability to provide prolonged release of incorporated agents. Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBSA) prepared by recombinant DNA technology was chosen as a model antigen and encapsulated into polyglycolic acid (PGA) by solvent extraction and solvent evaporation techniques. Five(More)
The increasing prevalence and use of herbal mixtures containing synthetic cannabinoids presents a growing public health concern and legal challenge for society. In contrast to the plant-derived cannabinoids in medical marijuana and other cannabinoid-based therapeutics, the commonly encountered synthetic cannabinoids in these mendaciously labeled products(More)
Toxoplasmata of varying grades of virulence were isolated from eggs laid by clinically asymptomatic hens and from their internal organs. The strains so recovered were identified as Toxoplasna gondii by morphological, serological, cultural, and pathogenic criteria. These findings strongly suggest that toxoplasmosis may be contracted through the eating of raw(More)
Among National Institutes of Health HIV Research Networks conducting multicenter trials, samples from protocols that span several years are analyzed at multiple clinical pharmacology laboratories (CPLs) for multiple antiretrovirals. Drug assay data are, in turn, entered into study-specific data sets that are used for pharmacokinetic analyses, merged to(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical trial specimens tested for antiretroviral (ARV) concentrations often require compliance with Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act and/or the Food and Drug Administration bioanalytical guidance. EXPERIMENTAL The Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance Program (CPQA) designed 8 proficiency testing (PT) rounds over 4 years to assess(More)