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BACKGROUND Glucose tolerance can be assessed noninvasively using (13)C-labeled glucose added to a standard oral glucose load, by measuring isotope-enriched CO(2) in exhaled air. In addition to the clear advantage of the noninvasive measurements, this approach may be of value in overcoming the high variability in blood glucose determination. METHODS We(More)
After a constant insulin infusion is initiated, determination of steady-state conditions for glucose infusion rates (GIR) typically requires >or=3 h. The glucose infusion follows a simple time-dependent rise, reaching a plateau at steady state. We hypothesized that nonlinear fitting of abbreviated data sets consisting of only the early portion of the clamp(More)
Data sharing and analysis are important components of coordinated and cost-effective public health strategies. However, legal and policy barriers have made data from different agencies difficult to share and analyze for policy development. To address a rise in overdose deaths, Maryland used an innovative and focused approach to bring together data on(More)
The Maryland Local Overdose Fatality Review Teams (LOFRTs) are multiagency, multidisciplinary teams that critically analyze individual cases of drug overdose in their jurisdictions to identify preventable risk factors and missed opportunities for intervention, and to make policy and programmatic recommendations to prevent future overdose deaths. Three(More)
Dijkstra's Algorithm is used to find the shortest path from one node to another node in a graph. Dijkstra's algorithm is also known as a single source shortest path algorithm. It is applied only on positive weights. In this paper, Global Positioning System is used for adding a new functionality in Dijkstra's algorithm. In this paper, using(More)
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