Pooja S Dabke

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The clinical presentation of β-thalassemia intermedia phenotypes are influenced by many factors. The persistence of fetal hemoglobin and several polymorphisms located in the promoters of γ- and β-globin genes are some of them. The aim of this study was to evaluate the combined effect of the -158 Gγ (C→T) polymorphism and of the (AT)x(T)y configuration, as(More)
BACKGROUND Co-inheritance of structural hemoglobin variants like HbS, HbD(Punjab) and HbE can lead to a variable clinical presentation and only few cases have been described so far in the Indian population. METHODS We present the varied clinical and hematological presentation of 22 cases (HbSD(Punjab) disease-15, HbSE disease-4, HbD(Punjab)E disease-3)(More)
Hb E [β26(B8)Glu→Lys; HBB: c.79G > A]-β-thalassemia (β-thal) has an extremely variable clinical presentation. We report the clinical features of these patients from five Indian states together with their hematological and molecular characteristics. Seventy-eight Hb E-β-thal patients from different regions [West Bengal (30), Maharashtra (21), Uttar Pradesh(More)
BACKGROUND The term thalassemia intermedia describe a form of thalassemia of intermediate severity, between the major transfusion-dependent forms of the disease and the symptomless carrier states. The phenotypic diversity of β-thalassemia results from its underlying genetic diversity. The wide clinical variability of these conditions leads to major(More)
BACKGROUND Gilbert syndrome is characterized by mild unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia. The high levels of bilirubin could be related to the co-inheritance of Gilbert syndrome determined either by mutations of the coding region or by variation in the (TA)n motifs of the promoter region of the bilirubin UGT1A1 gene. The co-inheritance of Gilbert syndrome has(More)
The clinical and hematological course of β thalassemia intermedia is influenced by a number of genetic factors which play a role in increasing fetal haemoglobin levels. Several polymorphisms located in the promoters of β and γ globin gene are involved in influencing the disease severity. Our objective was to study the effect of cis-DNA haplotypes, motifs,(More)
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