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Twenty six new pyrazoline substituted benzenesulfonylureas (2a-z) were synthesized and tested for in vitro anticancer activity. Fourteen derivatives (2i, 2k-2p, 2r, 2s-2x) were screened for their antiproliferative activity towards 60 human cancer cell lines by the National Cancer Institute (USA). Among them four compounds (2i, 2n, 2v and 2x) exhibited(More)
Sixteen new 6-aryl-2-(p-(methanesulfonyl)phenyl)-4,5-dihydropyridazi-3(2H)-ones (2a-p) were synthesized and tested for in vitro anticancer and in vivo anti-inflammatory activities. Eleven (2b, 2d, 2e-j and 2m-p) of the obtained compounds were screened for their antiproliferative activity towards 60 human cancer cell lines by the National Cancer Institute(More)
Some unnatural chalcones (1a-q) and flavones (2a-d) have been synthesized and evaluated for their antiinflammatory activity using carrageenan-induced rat paw edema assay. The flavone 2c (6-Chloro-7-methyl-3', 4'- dimethoxyflavone) had higher anti-inflammatory activity and superior gastrointestinal safety profiles than the reference drug celecoxib. Compound(More)
Nine novel 4-[3-(4-Dimethylamino-phenyl)-5-aryl-4,5-dihydro-pyrazol-1-yl]-benzenesulfonamides (2a-i) were synthesized and evaluated for their anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative activities. These compounds (2a-i) showed moderate to strong anti-inflammatory activity in carrageenan rat paw oedema test. Compounds 2b, 2d and 2g showing comparable(More)
Some new benzenesulfonylthiourea derivatives substituted with phthalazones (2a-q) were synthesized by refluxing the appropriate 4-aryl-1-oxophthalazin-2(1H)yl benzenesulfonamides with isothiocyanate in dry acetone over anhydrous K₂CO₃. All the synthesized compounds were characterized on the basis of IR, (1)H NMR, MS data and elemental analysis. These(More)
A series of sulfonamide derivatives (2a-l) incorporating substituted pyridazinone moieties were investigated for the inhibition of two human cytosolic carbonic anhydrase isoforms, hCA I and hCA II. All these compounds, together with the clinically used sulfonamide acetazolamide were investigated as inhibitors of the physiologically relevant isozymes I and(More)
Nine 4-arylphthalazones bearing benzenesulfonamide (2a-i) were synthesized by the condensation of the appropriate 2-aroylbenzoic acid (1a-i) and 4-hydrazinobenzenesulfonamide in ethanol. The structures of these compounds were elucidated by elemental analysis, IR, ¹H NMR, ¹³C NMR, and MS spectroscopy. Two compounds, 2b and 2i, showed significant(More)
Thirty new aryl-pyridazinone-substituted benzenesulphonylurea derivatives (I-XXX) were synthesized and evaluated for their anti-hyperglycaemic activity in glucose-fed hyperglycaemic normal rats. Twenty-three compounds (III-XI, XIV-XVII, XIX-XXIV, XXVI and XXVIII-XXX) showed more or comparable area under the curve (AUC) reduction percentage (ranging from(More)
Seventeen new pyrazoline substituted benzenesulfonylurea/thiourea derivatives (2a-q) were synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis and various spectroscopic techniques viz; IR, (1)H NMR, (13)C NMR, and MS data. Thirteen compounds showed moderate to good anti-hyperglycaemic activity in glucose fed hyperglycaemic normal rats at the dose of 0.05(More)
The chemistry of phthalazine derivatives has been of increasing interest since many of these compounds have found many chemotherapeutic applications. So this study aims to synthesize a library of phthalazine derivatives and to investigate their anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative activities. Sixteen new phthalazinone derivatives (2a-p) were synthesized(More)