Pooja Rai

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Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) is the most common joint disorder. It mostly affects cartilage. The top layer of cartilage breaks down and wears away. Osteoarthritis is of two types, primary (idiopathic) and secondary. In idiopathic osteoarthritis, the most common form of the disease, no predisposing factor is apparent. Secondary OA is(More)
Steganography is the technique of hiding data in an appropriate multimedia carrier, e. g. , image, audio, and video files known as Cover. Images are mostly used as the cover medium due to their pervasiveness in different applications and representation with high redundancy. This paper provides a review and analysis of many existing methods for digital image(More)
Sesame is an important ancient oilseed crop of high medicinal value. In the present study, 37 characters including both quantitative and qualitative traits of sixty genotypes were characterized following IPGRI morphological descriptors for sesame. Multivariate analysis was computed to distinguish the varieties into different groups. Though thirty six(More)
BACKGROUND The etiopathogenesis of syringomyelia is still an enigma. The authors present a novel theory based on fluid dynamics at the craniovertebral (CV) junction to explain the genesis of syringomyelia (SM). The changes in volume of spinal canal, spinal cord, central canal and spinal subarachnoid space (SSS) in relation to the posterior fossa have been(More)
Steganography is the scheme of surreptitious communication by hiding the data inside data with the aim of concealing the presence of secret data from inquisitive eyes. Pervasiveness as well as availability of redundant information in an image makes it the alluring carrier medium. However, all parts of an image cannot be used evenly to hide the secret(More)
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