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Cachexia is a multifactorial wasting syndrome most common in patients with cancer that is characterized by the uncontrolled loss of adipose and muscle mass. We show that the inhibition of lipolysis through genetic ablation of adipose triglyceride lipase (Atgl) or hormone-sensitive lipase (Hsl) ameliorates certain features of cancer-associated cachexia(More)
For many decades, the major function of mRNA was thought to be to provide protein-coding information embedded in the genome. The advent of high-throughput sequencing has led to the discovery of pervasive transcription of eukaryotic genomes and opened the world of RNA-mediated gene regulation. Many regulatory RNAs have been found to be incapable of protein(More)
Growth factor signaling is essential for pattern formation, growth, differentiation, and maintenance of stem cell pluripotency. Nodal-related signaling factors are required for axis formation and germ layer specification from sea urchins to mammals. Maternal transcripts of the zebrafish Nodal factor, Squint (Sqt), are localized to future embryonic dorsal.(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an emerging technology that shows great assure for various futuristic applications both for public and military. Many researchers tried to develop further cost and energy efficient computing devices and algorithms for WSN but the most challenging is to fit the security of WSN into that strained environment. However, security(More)
RNA localization is emerging as a general principle of sub-cellular protein localization and cellular organization. However, the sequence and structural requirements in many RNA localization elements remain poorly understood. Whereas transcription factor-binding sites in DNA can be recognized as short degenerate motifs, and consensus binding sites readily(More)
  • Pooja Kumari, Priyanka Goyal, Mukesh Kumar, M Tech Student
  • 2012
Ad hoc networks are characterized by multi hop wireless connectivity, frequently changing network topology and the need for efficient dynamic routing protocols. This report compares the performance of MANET routing protocol such as Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV), Location-Aided Routing (LAR1) and Wireless Routing Protocol (WRP) protocol at(More)
BACKGROUND Erbium, chromium: Yttrium, scandium, gallium, garnet (Er, Cr: YSGG) laser has been successfully used in the ablation of dental hard and soft tissues. It has been reported that this system is also useful for preparing tooth surfaces and etching, but no consensus exist in the literature regarding the advantage of lasers over conventional tooth(More)
— IEEE defines various modulation schemes for WiMAX i.e. QPSK, BPSK, 16 QAM and 64 QAM. This model will examine Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) performance over Fixed WiMAX system taking many combinations of digital modulation. The performance will involve many key system parameters, which will involve the variation in the path loss, video coding,(More)
ences between placodes and neural crest (induction during different times of development; different developmental potential; regulation of differentiation and migration by largely non-overlapping sets of transcription factors) this suggests that cranial placodes and neural crest cells have an independent developmental origin from non-neural and neural(More)
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