Pooja K. Prakash

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OBJECTIVE Vascular Parkinsonism (VP) causes significant gait dysfunction in patients who otherwise have good lower limb strength. Its pathophysiology is not clearly understood, and current treatment with physical therapy remains unsatisfactory. The study explores repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) as a potential new and safe therapy for VP.(More)
Keywords: Algorithm portfolio metaheuristic search Vehicle routing problem Stochastic demand Genetic algorithm Simulated annealing TABU search a b s t r a c t The vehicle routing problem with stochastic demand (VRPSD) is a well known NP-hard problem. The uncharacteristic behaviour associated with the problem enhances the computational efforts required to(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network is an impromptu wireless network consisting of mobile, self governing independent nodes. Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks has been a major concern due to its dynamic topology, lossy and unreliable links. In traditional routing, a single specific node is selected in prior as the potential next-hop forwarder for a packet. Unlike(More)
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