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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the role of immunohistochemical methods in the diagnosis of benign and malignant conjunctival melanocytic proliferations. DESIGN Retrospective immunohistopathologic study. METHODS Paraffin-embedded tissue sections from 20 conjunctival nevi and 15 invasive melanomas were immunoreacted with antibodies against cellular antigens S-100(More)
PURPOSE This study aims to describe surgical management results and the pathologic features of choroidal neovascularization (CNV) secondary to punctate inner choroidopathy (PIC) following anti-vascular endothelial growth factor treatment. DESIGN This study is a case report on the surgical management and ultrastructural study of choroidal(More)
Verruciformxanthoma (VX) is an uncommon benign mucocutaneous lesion of unknown etiology. It appears as a papule or single plaque with verrucous or papillomatous surface and variable color from reddish pink to gray. It occurs primarily in the masticatory mucosa. Histologically, VX is characterized by the presence of parakeratinized epithelium with thin rete(More)
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