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INTRODUCTION Controversy exists regarding within-limb somatotopy, i.e., organization of representations of within-limb segments (e.g., elbow, fingers), in the primary motor cortex (M1). While some believe that within-limb representations overlap, others postulate somatotopic distinction. The purpose of our study was to aid the resolution of this controversy(More)
Treadmill training has been used for improving locomotor function in children with cerebral palsy (CP), but the functional gains are relatively small, suggesting a need to improve current paradigms. The understanding of the kinematic and EMG responses to forces applied to the body of subjects during treadmill walking is crucial for improving current(More)
In this article, we look beyond convexity and introduce the four new classes of functions, namely, approximate pseudoconvex functions of type I and type II and approximate quasiconvex functions of type I and type II. Suitable examples illustrating the non emptiness of the newly defined classes and distinguishing them from the existing classical notions of(More)
Locomotor training using treadmill has been shown to elicit significant improvements in locomotor ability for some children with cerebral palsy (CP), the functional gains are relatively small and it requires greater involvement from a physical therapist. Current robotic gait training systems are effective in reducing the strenuous work of a physical(More)
One of the most important problems in remote sensing studies is the classification of features in the satellite images, as it provides land use/ land cover information of the area under study. The Land Cover information like vegetation, water bodies, rocky area, sandy area etc. and its change over a period of time greatly affect local, regional and global(More)
Information retrieval (IR) techniques become a challenge to researchers due to huge growth of digital and information retrieval. As a wide variety of Hindi Data and Literature is now available on web, we have developed information retrieval system for Hindi documents. This paper presents a new searching technique that has promising results in terms of(More)
Object oriented analysis and design is becoming more popular in software development environment and object oriented analysis and design metrics is an essential part of software environment. This study focus on a set of object oriented metrics that can be used to measure the quality of an object oriented analysis and design. A metrics-based means to both(More)
Various information retrieval models generate different ranking list as output. This paper presents the comparative analysis of the vector space model and the probabilistic model. Effect of stopword removal is also discussed. A new hybrid model is introduced that combines the Vector Space Model and the Probabilistic model. The resultant model gives better(More)