Pongsak Khanpetch

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The estimation of stature is a very important step in developing a biological profile for forensic identification. However, little previous work has been done on stature estimation among modern Thai people, despite a growing number of forensic cases in Thailand in recent years. The current study was carried out on a sample of 200 skeletons from a northern(More)
Determination of sex using metacarpals was carried out on a sample of 249 skeletons from a Thai population (154 males and 95 females), ranging in age from 19 to 93 years. Six measurements were taken on each metacarpal, namely maximum length, medio-lateral base width, antero-posterior base height, medio-lateral head width, antero-posterior head height and(More)
To clarify the manner of accumulation of Ca and P in the coronary arteries, the authors divided the coronary arteries into many segments based on arterial ramification and investigated the element contents of the segments by direct chemical analysis. After ordinary dissection at Chiang Mai University was finished, the left coronary (LC) and the right(More)
A sample of 249 skeletons (154 males, 95 females) from the Chiang Mai University Skeletal Collection was studied to investigate the potential of proximal hand phalanges as indicators of sex among individuals from the Chiang Mai province of Thailand. The sample ranged in age from 19 to 93 years. Six measurements were taken on each proximal phalanx: maximum(More)
To elucidate compositional changes of the ligament with aging, the authors investigated age-related changes of elements in the ligamentum capitis femoris (LCF) of monkeys with a wide range of ages by direct chemical analysis. Used rhesus and Japanese monkeys consisted of 9 males and 22 females, ranging in age from newborn to 31 years (average age = 10.4 ±(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a method for human genomic DNA extraction from bone using gelatin-coated magnetic particles. MATERIAL AND METHOD Thirty human metacarpal with the bone age ranging from 36 to 93 years were included in the present study. Genomic DNA was extracted from bones using gelatin-coated magnetic particles. The concentration and purity of DNA(More)
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