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The North Korean strain of Plasmodium vivax was characterized by its extraordinarily prolonged incubation period in certain circumstances. It was clearly demonstrated by quantitative observations that the phenomenon may be elicited by the inoculation of small numbers of sporozoites. After the intradermal inoculation of 10 or 100 sporozoites, the incubation(More)
In order to contribute to knowledge of the sporogonic cycle of malaria parasites, 3 batches of Anopheles labranchiae atroparvus were infected with the VS Romanian strain of Plasmodium malariae by feeding them on 2 patients undergoing malariotherapy in Romania. Of the 310 infected mosquitos 59 were dissected for ookinetes, oocysts and sporozoites, and the(More)
Organizational Learning (OL) is a scientific field characterized by a long history and growing interest, so to be considered a core and promising concept in theory and practice related to the management and the organization of work. This paper addresses the two main issues that have been dominating scientific debate in the area: the terminological confusion(More)