Poman So

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— We propose a new topology for realizing artificial microwave materials that exhibit a negative refractive index over a wide frequency band. These metamaterials consist of a three-dimensional transmission line mesh that is loaded with reactive series and shunt elements to create negative permittivity and permeability. The cubic-cell transmission line host(More)
— Recent advances in computing technology has brought massively parallel computing power to desktop PCs. As multi-core processor technology becomes mature, a new front in parallel technology based on graphics processors has emerged. A massively parallel 2D-TLM algorithm for NVIDIA advanced graphics processors has been developed. The proposed parallel(More)
The resource requirements of modern-day scientific applications is making hardware acceleration a requisite design consideration. But typically these applications are created and implemented by scientists trained in other fields, not the intricacies of parallel processing. Consequently, there is a definite need for abstractions. In this paper, we discuss(More)
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