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— We propose a new topology for realizing artificial microwave materials that exhibit a negative refractive index over a wide frequency band. These metamaterials consist of a three-dimensional transmission line mesh that is loaded with reactive series and shunt elements to create negative permittivity and permeability. The cubic-cell transmission line host(More)
— Recent advances in computing technology has brought massively parallel computing power to desktop PCs. As multi-core processor technology becomes mature, a new front in parallel technology based on graphics processors has emerged. A massively parallel 2D-TLM algorithm for NVIDIA advanced graphics processors has been developed. The proposed parallel(More)
The rise of e-health and telemedicine is changing the way medical data is gathered and used. Recently, electronic stethoscopes have been developed by many companies, yet general adoption of the devices is yet to be attained. This is due to the fact that electronic stethoscopes are still quite expensive. Hence, we have developed a low cost implementation to(More)
The success of telemedicine deepends on the availability of advanced medical equiipment that can streamline the tasks of medical ddata collection, processing and archiving.  Audio signnals acquired by stethoscopes are some of the basicc data used by physicians in diagnosis of diseases bbut there is no systematic approach to store the acq uired(More)
A fundamental rule in Transmission Line Matrix (TLM) modeling is to ensure that the shortest wavelength in the model is always large compared to the discretization parameter. This rule is appropriate for electromagnetic analysis, but when the TLM model is used to solve inverse problems, such as computational imaging, source reconstruction, or structure(More)
  • Poman So
  • 2011
An open-source multi-platform TLM software package for heterogeneous computing hardware with multiple central processing units and graphics processing units has been developed. This paper describes the software package and the embedded TLM engines. The modeling framework employed by the software can be used to accelerate TLM and FDTD field simulations. The(More)
A massively parallel Symmetrical Condensed Node Transmission Line Matrix procedure has been implemented on the NVIDA graphics processing units. The technique for implementing the algorithm on NVIDIA graphics processors and the achieved accelerated performance are reported in this paper.
Recent advances in computing technology have brought parallel processing power to desktop and laptop computers. As multi-core processor technology becomes mature, a new front in parallel computing technology based on graphics processors has emerged. This paper reports two Transmission Line Matrix algorithms for the latest NVIDIA graphics processors.
  • Poman So
  • 2006
Popular numerical techniques for electromagnetic wave modeling can be divided into the frequency-domain and time-domain methods. This paper presents an object oriented modeling framework for building a multiple engine software package. The object-oriented framework captures the essence of most popular electromagnetic wave modeling methods; specialized(More)