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This paper presents a framework for the detection and measurement of retinal vessels in fundoscopy images. The proposed method segments retinal vessels, enabling the actual measurement of the vessel diameter. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) further supports a number of methods for the automatic and interactive measurement of vessel diameters at any(More)
Early identification of hypertensive target organ damage (TOD) emerges as important for global cardiovascular risk assessment. Retinal vascular alterations, capillary rarefaction, and microalbuminuria represent different forms of microvascular TOD. However, data regarding their concomitant presence in the early stages of hypertension, the association of the(More)
— A system for the assessment of hypertension through the measurement of retinal vessels in fundoscopy images, is presented. The proposed approach employs multiple image analysis methods, in an integrated system that is used in clinical practice. Automating the measurement process enables the conduct of a clinical study that, for the first time, shows the(More)
Augmented Reality environments have shown to be relevant and valuable in many instances of the educational process. Accounting for the advantages and conventional gains of learning through physical books and printed matter in general , this paper presents an approach towards augmenting both such media. This work has elementary school as a context and(More)
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