Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos

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We leverage the ubiquity of bluetooth-enabled devices and propose a decentralized, web-based architecture that allows users to share their location by following each other in the style of Twitter. We demonstrate a prototype that operates in a large building which generates a dataset of detected bluetooth devices at a rate of ~30 new devices per day,(More)
Most organizations have a wealth of knowledge about themselves available online, but little for a visitor to interact with on-site. At the MIT Media Lab, we have designed and deployed a novel intelligent signage system, the Glass Infrastructure (GI) that enables small groups of users to physically interact with this data and to discover the latent(More)
This document provides preliminary considerations for a Peer-to-Peer application development process. It sets out to: • Identify the properties of Peer-to-Peer applications • Investigate existing application development processes and their applicability for developing Peer-to-Peer applications • Propose an overall process of Peer-to-Peer application(More)
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