Polun Chang

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An advanced PDA support system for the triage was designed to evaluate users inverted exclamation mark | acceptance of this system compared with a traditional terminal system. Davis inverted exclamation mark | Technology Acceptance Model was used to evaluate users inverted exclamation mark | acceptance. All 72 ER nurses in a 2700-bed medical center were(More)
Traditional electronic health record (EHR) data are produced from various hospital information systems. They could not have existed independently without an information system until the incarnation of XML technology. The interoperability of a healthcare system can be divided into two dimensions: functional interoperability and semantic interoperability.(More)
The protection of patients' health information is a very important concern in the information age. The purpose of this study is to ascertain what constitutes an effective legal framework in protecting both the security and privacy of health information, especially electronic medical records. All sorts of bills regarding electronic medical data protection(More)
INTRODUCTION There is evidence that patients are being prescribed a significant number of duplicated prescriptions despite the use of computerized safety reminder systems. Nonetheless, the physicians' behavior with respect to the computer reminders has not been well studied as yet. This problem is important because drug duplication can result in patient(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Standardized terminology is an important infrastructure component of the electronic health record. ICNP(®) is a systemic coding system that can support the development of nursing information systems. Translation of the standardized terminology preferred terms into local terms is an important first step in the translation process.(More)
As studies have pointed out, severity scores are imperfect at predicting individual clinical chance of survival. The clinical condition and pathophysiological status of these patients in the Intensive Care Unit might differ from or be more complicated than most predictive models account for. In addition, as the pathophysiological status changes over time,(More)
This study was to develop a usability-engineered mhealth application for a mother with new-born baby and to evaluate its acceptance. Baby's Health Handbook and hospital consultation service records were analyzed to design the contents of app. Special interface design principles were used for enhancing usability. App data were transmitted to an Excel-based(More)