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Biosynthesis and secretion of insulin under the effect of an antibiotic of the tetracycline group
: Formation and secretion of insulin during administration of tetracycline hydrochloride in vivo and in vitro were studied in experimental rat Langerhans islets isolated by enzymatic digestion withExpand
Preventive action of nicotinamide on the pancreatic antioxidant system in experimental streptozotocin diabetes
The pancreatic antioxidant system and the effect of the pretreatment with 500 mg/ kg b.w. i.p. nicotinamide were studied in male mice (CBA/J x C57BL/6J)F1 with low-dose streptozotocin-inducedExpand
Effect of oral contraceptives on carbohydrate metabolism
As oral contraceptives influence the function of the Beta cells of the insulin apparatus of the pancreas it is believed that they could aid in the development of sugar diabetes, it is necessary to determine the oral tolerance to glucose and its character. Expand
[Effect of thyroidectomy on the beta-cell function of the pancreatic islet apparatus].
The functional activity of the insular apparatus of the pancreas with varying function of beta-cells and body sensitivity to insulin were studied in vivo and in vitro in an experimental hypothyroidalExpand
Expression of the db (diabetes) gene in mice with hereditary load by generalized autoimmune pathology
It is stated that diabetic syndrome in males proceeds in more serious form than in females and is correlated with expression of autoimmune pathology in parent lines of New Zealand mice NZB and NZW. Expand