Polona Itkin

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Sixty-eight independent hybrid clones were isolated after irradiated normal human lymphocytes were fused with Chinese hamster fibroblasts lacking hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase activity. The cells were grown under selective conditions requiring retention of the X chromosome-linked locus for human hypoxanthine-guanine(More)
Polysaccharidoses with ultrastructural features reminiscent of glycogenosis type IV, but without enzymatic correlation, have been observed in several adolescent and adult patients. Little is known of the clinical, pathologic, or biochemical nature of these disorders. We describe a patient with ultrastructural characteristics consistent with glycogenosis(More)
We have studied families C and A in which superactivity of PRPP synthetase (E.C. is associated with gout and uric acid overproduction in affected hemizygous males. PRPP synthetase catalyzes synthesis of PRPP, a regulatory substrate in purine synthesis de novo. Activities of the enzyme in erythrocyte and fibroblast extracts from the male index(More)
The Arctic icescape is rapidly transforming from a thicker multiyear ice cover to a thinner and largely seasonal first-year ice cover with significant consequences for Arctic primary production. One critical challenge is to understand how productivity will change within the next decades. Recent studies have reported extensive phytoplankton blooms beneath(More)
PRPP synthetase catalyzes the synthesis of PRPP, a regulatory substrate in the pathway of purine nucleotide synthesis de novo. We have developed a specific assay for quantitative determination of PRPP synthetase immunologically cross-reactive material in human erythrocyte and fibroblast extracts. The sensitivity of the radioimmunoassay (0.3% and 0.08% of(More)
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