Polona Hafner

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This in vitro study evaluated the effect of different luting procedures on the proper seating of ceramic inlays and on the marginal seal through microleakage testing. Sixty mesial-, occlusal-, distal- (MOD) cavities were prepared in third molars, and distributed among four groups. In the control group 1, the cavity surface was treated with dentin and enamel(More)
Anatomical characteristics and hydrologic signals in tree-rings of oaks from areas with regular flooding may vary, even within the same forest stand, and largely depend on the micro-environmental conditions. Q. robur decline in European floodplain forests in recent years seems to be strongly associated with the deteriorating hydrological regime. We(More)
The southeastern border of the European Alps is not well resourced with high-resolution climate proxies and experiences a distinct climatic regime from the northern and western Alpine zones. Here, we present new high-resolution climatic proxies (AD 1907–2006) from ring widths and stable carbon (δ13C), non-exchangeable hydrogen (δ2H) and oxygen (δ18O)(More)
We analysed two groups of Quercus robur trees, growing at nearby plots with different micro-location condition (W-wet and D-dry) in the floodplain Krakovo forest, Slovenia. In the study we compared the growth response of two different tree groups to environmental variables, the potential signal stored in earlywood (EW) structure and the potential difference(More)
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