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We present high-resolution VLA observations at 8.4 GHz of the seventeen FRII radio galaxies with 0:15 < z < 0:30 and LAS < 190 arcsec from the sample of Laing, Riley & Longair (1983), together with 5-GHz MERLIN observations of one source. Jets have been discovered in 3C20, 4C14.11, 3C 234 and 3C436, and well imaged for the rst time in a number of other(More)
We present 2D axisymmetric hydrodynamic simulations investigating the long term effect of FR II radio galaxies on the metal distribution of the surrounding intra-cluster medium (ICM). A light jet is injected into a cooling flow atmosphere for 10 − 30 Myr. We then follow the subsequent evolution for 3 Gyr on a spherical grid spanning 3 Mpc in radius. A(More)
The nearby FRI radio source 3C 66B has been studied with the VLA at 1.5, 8 and 15 GHz with high resolution and sensitivity. The rst detailed maps of the counterjet are presented. Polarization maps in the jet and counterjet are shown; in each a resolved parallel-eld region surrounds a central core which changes from a parallel to a perpendicular eld(More)
Utilising the 15N dilution technique the relationship between the proportion of N derived from N2 fixation and relative abundance of ureides in xylem sap was evaluated for Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Mokcham during vegetative and reproductive development. In order to establish calibration curves for time integrated estimates of N2 fixation, plants were raised(More)
We investigate the atomic and molecular interstellar medium and star formation of NGC 275, the late-type spiral galaxy in Arp 140, which is interacting with NGC 274, an early-type system. The atomic gas (H I) observations reveal a tidal tail from NGC 275 which extends many optical radii beyond the interacting pair. The H I morphology implies a prograde(More)