Polina Zilberman

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In many applications we are required to increase the deployment of a distributed monitoring system on an evolving network. In this paper we present a new method for finding candidate locations for additional deployment in the network. This method is based on the Group Betweenness Centrality (GBC) measure that is used to estimate the influence of a group of(More)
We propose and evaluate two complementary heuristics to speed up exact computation of the shortest-path between ness centrality. Both heuristics are relatively simple adaptations of the standard algorithm for between ness centrality. Consequently, they generalize the computation of edge between ness and most other variants, and can be used to further speed(More)
Modern business activities rely on extensive email exchange. Various solutions attempt to analyze email exchange in order to prevent emails from being sent to the wrong recipients. However there are still no satisfying solutions; many email addressing mistakes are not detected and in many cases correct recipients are wrongly marked as potential addressing(More)
As more and more services are provided by servers via the Internet, Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks pose an increasing threat to the Internet community. A DoS attack overloads the target server with a large volume of adverse requests, thereby rendering the server unavailable to “ well-behaved” users. Recently, the novel paradigm of traffic(More)
—OpenFlow is a protocol-implementing Software Defined Networking, a new networking paradigm, which segregates packet forwarding and accounting from the routing decisions and advanced protocols. This segregation increases agility and flexibility and reduces operational expenses of the networking infrastructure. Despite the apparent benefits, many companies(More)
A tunnel magnetic junction is considered with magnetic hard and magnetic soft layers of cubic symmetry. The magnetic switching is analyzed of the layers by a magnetic field perpendicular to the initial magnetizations. In such a situation, an additional peak of the TMR ratio appears at the magnetic field value lower substantially than the anisotropy energy(More)
An effect is considered of alternating (high-frequency) current on the spin-valve-type magnetic junction configuration. The stability with respect to small fluctuations is investigated in the macrospin approximation. When the current frequency is close to the eigenfrequency (precession frequency) of the free layer, parametric resonance occurs. Both(More)