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Techniques based on multi-temporal, multi-spectral, satellite-sensoracquired data have demonstrated potential as a means to detect, identify, map and monitor ecosystem changes, irrespective of their causal agents. This review paper, which summarizes the methods and the results of digital change detection in the optical/infrared domain, has as its primary(More)
Rapid, reliable and objective estimations of leaf area index (LAI) are essential for numerous studies of atmosphere–vegetation interaction, as LAI is very often a critical parameter in process-based models of vegetation canopy response to global environmental change. This paper reviews current knowledge concerning the use of direct and indirect methods for(More)
Tree-ring studies contribute worldwide to the understanding of climate and its relation to tree growth. Long tree-ring chronologies serve as climate proxies for the reconstruction of past, pre-instrument climate and its recent change. In tropical regions, the availability of exactly dated tree-ring chronologies is limited. The dendroclimatic potential of(More)
In systems of interconnected ponds or lakes, the dispersal of zooplankton may be mediated by the active population component, with rivulets and overflows functioning as dispersal pathways. Using a landscape-based approach, we modelled the effective geographical distance among a set of interconnected ponds (De Maten, Genk, Belgium) in a Geographic(More)
We evaluated several optical methods for in situ estimation of leaf area index (LAI) in a Belgian Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stand. The results obtained were compared with LAI determined from allometric relationships established in the same stand. We found high correlations between branch cross-sectional area, diameter at breast height (DBH) and basal(More)
The connection between nephropathia epidemica (NE) and vegetation dynamics has been emphasized in recent studies. Changing climate has been suggested as a triggering factor of recently observed epidemiologic peaks in reported NE cases. We have investigated whether there is a connection between the NE occurrence pattern in Belgium and specific trends in(More)
The objectives of this research were to investigate (1) the influence of a geometric laser measurement pattern and (2) the shadow effect on the accuracy of a quantitative mathematical description of individual tree structure using a terrestrial laser system. The commercially available SICK Laser-Measurement-System-200 (LMS200, Sick, A.G.) was used in this(More)
The repeated occurrence of severe wildfires has highlighted the need for development of effective vegetation monitoring tools. We compared the performance of indices derived from satellite and climate data as a first step toward an operational tool for fire risk assessment in savanna ecosystems. Field collected fire activity data were used to evaluate the(More)