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Two cases of Lhermitte-Duclos disease confirmed by biopsy are reported. Review of the 58 published cases shows that the disease can manifest itself only by signs of increased intracranial pressure. Cerebellar symptoms are not constant. Computed tomographic (CT) scans suggest the diagnosis by showing a posterior fossa lesion, iso- and hypodense, partially(More)
BACKGROUND The Surgical Pleth Index (SPI) is proposed as a means to assess the balance between noxious stimulation and the anti-nociceptive effects of anaesthesia. In this study, we compared SPI, mean arterial pressure (MAP), and heart rate (HR) as a means of assessing this balance. METHODS We studied a standard stimulus [head-holder insertion (HHI)] and(More)
The object of this study was to determine whether the addition of information on brain stem reflexes improves the prognostic precision of the Glasgow coma scale for patients with severe head trauma. The study is based on 109 patients with a Glasgow coma score of 7 or less during the first 24 hours after injury. The average age was 23 years. The patients(More)
We separately studied the antioxidant properties of propofol (PPF), Diprivan (the commercial form of PPF) and intralipid (IL) (the vehicle solution of PPF in Diprivan) on active oxygen species produced by phorbol myristate acetate (10(-6) M)-stimulated human polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMN: 5 x 10(5) cells/assay), human endothelial cells (5 x 10(5)(More)
BACKGROUND Sugammadex rapidly reverses rocuronium-induced neuromuscular block. This study explored the dose-response relation of sugammadex given as a reversal agent at reappearance of the second muscle twitch after rocuronium- and vecuronium-induced block. A secondary objective was to investigate the safety of single doses of sugammadex. METHODS In this(More)
This clinical report investigated the potential benefit of acute normovolemic hemodilution (ANH) as a blood-saving technique in the surgical repair of craniosynostosis. Over a 4-year period, 34 healthy children undergoing surgical repair of scaphocephaly or pachycephaly were randomly assigned to two groups of 17 patients each. Patients of the first group(More)
The reaction between the anaesthetic agent 2,6-diisopropylphenol (propofol, PPF) and singlet oxygen (1O2) has been investigated in aqueous solution by means of HPLC, GC, absorption spectroscopy and laser flash photolysis with infrared luminescence detection. The rate constants for the physical and chemical quenching of 1O2 by PPF (kPPF) are found to be 2.66(More)
Assessment of brain dysfunction in head injured patients is important as an index of severity of brain damage and forms the basis of monitoring. . The Glasgow Coma scale (G.C.S.) is a practical scale for nurses. The Liege Coma scale contains the three variables of the G.C.S. and provides informations concerning the brain stem reflexes. In a series of 60(More)
BACKGROUND I.V. lidocaine reduces volatile anaesthetics requirements during surgery. We hypothesized that lidocaine would also reduce propofol requirements during i.v. anaesthesia. METHODS A randomized controlled study of 40 patients tested the effect of i.v. lidocaine (1.5 mg kg(-1) then 2 mg kg(-1) h(-1)) on propofol requirements. Anaesthesia was(More)