Pokkuluri Kiran Sree

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We have developed a computer program, GeneParser, which identifies and determines the fine structure of protein genes in genomic DNA sequences. The program scores all subintervals in a sequence for content statistics indicative of introns and exons, and for sites that identify their boundaries. This information is weighted by a neural network to approximate(More)
Clustering has been widely applied to Information Retrieval (IR) on the grounds of its potential improved effectiveness over inverted file search. Clustering is a mostly unsupervised procedure and the majority of the clustering algorithms depend on certain assumptions in order to define the subgroups present in a data set .A clustering quality measure is a(More)
Genes carry the instructions for making proteins that are found in a cell as a specific sequence of nucleotides that are found in DNA molecules. But, the regions of these genes that code for proteins may occupy only a small region of the sequence. Identification of the coding regions plays a vital role in understanding these genes. In this paper we have(More)
Ad hoc wireless network with their changing topology and distributed nature are more prone to intruders. The network monitoring functionality should be in operation as long as the network exists with nil constraints. The efficiency of an Intrusion detection system in the case of an ad hoc network is not only determined by its dynamicity in monitoring but(More)
Protein Structure Predication from sequences of amino acid has gained a remarkable attention in recent years. Even though there are some prediction techniques addressing this problem, the approximate accuracy in predicting the protein structure is closely 75%. An automated procedure was evolved with MACA (Multiple Attractor Cellular Automata) for predicting(More)
Pattern recognition problem rely upon the features inherent in the pattern of images. Face detection and recognition is one of the challenging research areas in the field of computer vision. In this paper, we present a method to identify skin pixels from still and video images using skin color. Face regions are identified from this skin pixel region. Facial(More)
Human body consists of lot of cells, each cell consist of DeOxaRibo Nucleic Acid (DNA). Identifying the genes from the DNA sequences is a very difficult task. But identifying the coding regions is more complex task compared to the former. Identifying the protein which occupy little place in genes is a really challenging issue. For understating the genes(More)
Most of the problems in bioinformatics are now the challenges in computing. This paper aims at building a classifier based on Multiple Attractor Cellular Automata (MACA) which uses fuzzy logic. It is strengthened with an artificial Immune System Technique (AIS), Clonal algorithm for identifying a protein coding and promoter region in a given DNA sequence.(More)
Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) are computer systems which monitor a network with the aim of discerning malicious from benign activity on that network. With the recent growth of the Internet such security limitations are becoming more and more pressing. Most of the current network intrusion detection systems relay on labeled training data. An(More)