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We introduce a new stable in place merging algorithm that needs O(m log( n m +1)) comparisons and O(m+n) assignments. According to the lower bounds for merging our algorithm is asymptotically optimal regarding the number of comparisons as well as assignments. The stable algorithm is developed in a modular style out of an unstable kernel for which we give a(More)
FAM72 is a novel neuronal progenitor cell (NPC) self-renewal supporting protein expressed under physiological conditions at low levels in other tissues. Accumulating data indicate the potential pivotal tumourigenic effects of FAM72. Our in silico human genome-wide analysis (GWA) revealed that the FAM72 gene family consists of four human-specific paralogous(More)
We investigate the problem of stable in-place merging from a ratio k = n m based point of view where m, n are the sizes of the input sequences with m ≤ n . We introduce a novel algorithm for this problem that is asymptotically optimal regarding the number of assignments as well as comparisons. Our algorithm uses knowledge about the ratio of the input sizes(More)
With the advent of computational genomics, an intensive search is underway for unique biomarkers for Homo sapiens that could be used to differentiate taxa within the Hominoidea, in particular to distinguish Homo from the apes (Pan, Gorilla, Pongo, and Hylobates) and species or subspecies within the genus Homo (H. sapiens, H. heidelbergensis, H.(More)
We define a language RS , a subclass of the scheduling language RSV (resource constrained project scheduling with variant processes). RS involves the determination of the starting times for ground activities of a project satisfying precedence and resource constraints, in order to minimize the total project duration. In RS ground activities and two(More)
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