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PURPOSE To investigate the utility of an automated perfusion-weighted MRI (PWI) method for estimating cerebral blood flow (CBF) based on localized arterial input functions (AIFs) as compared to the standard method of manual global AIF selection, which is prone to deconvolution errors due to the effects of delay and dispersion of the contrast bolus. (More)
We investigated the status of the apolipoprotein E allele in 538 participants in the incidence phase of the ongoing Shanghai Survey of Dementia, including 103 demented subjects, 72 with mild cognitive impairment and 363 cognitively normal. The apo E epsilon 4 allele was present in 10.2% of control subjects and the allelic frequency did not change between(More)
  • P J Chen
  • 1990
The correlation between efficacy and side effects of carbamazepine and its blood level in 18 patients with mania was reported. All patients had never taken carbamazepine before. The blood lever of carbamazepine was determined by HPLC once a week. Meanwhile, the efficacy and side effects were observed clinically by using scale (BRMS, CGI and TESS). The blood(More)
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