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BACKGROUND Leprosy is the most common treatable peripheral nerve disorder worldwide with periods of acute neuritis leading to functional impairment of limbs, ulcer formation and stigmatizing deformities. Since the hallmarks of leprosy are nerve enlargement and inflammation, we used high-resolution sonography (US) and color Doppler (CD) imaging to(More)
Newer management options are needed for leprosy control even at present, as it is predicted that new cases of leprosy will continue to appear for many more years in future. This article detail newer methods of clinical grading of peripheral nerve involvement (thickening, tenderness and nerve pain which are subjective in nature) and the advances made in the(More)
Bardet-Biedl syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder with obesity, polydactly, retinitis pigmentosa, hypogenitalism, intellectual impairment and varying degree of renal abnormalities. Fewer than ten cases of paediatric renal transplantation for BBS have been reported in literature so far. This is the only case report of BBS transplant urolithiasis which(More)
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