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Severe malaria causes multiorgan dysfunction, which is the predominant reason for mortality in these children. Cardiac enzymes have been elevated and cardiac involvement has been suspected in some of these children, however, clear cut echocardiographic evidence for it was not possible. There were isolated reports of myocardial dysfunction in malaria in(More)
Respiratory flutter or diaphragmatic flutter is a rare disorder characterized by involuntary, high frequency contractions of the diaphragm. Only 7 cases are reported in infants till date. The present case presented with life threatening respiratory distress immediately after birth. In view of high respiratory rate of 120-154 per minute, clinical and(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare prolonged inter hospital long distance transports on road undertaken by a qualified transport team vs those done by the same team from shorter distances and time. METHODS Retrospective descriptive comparative study of the neonatal transports done during a period of 48 mo. All neonates transferred on road to a tertiary level pediatric(More)
11 Extremely low birth weight neonates who developed skin discoloration after peripheral arterial catheterization were given intra-arterial papaverine before the removal of arterial line. The skin color turned normal in all these neonates and none developed residual damage. In 3 neonates who could not receive papaverine, one developed gangrene of fingers.
The study was designed to compare the biochemical characteristics of neonates transported by qualified transport team, before and after stabilization, interventions required and setbacks during these transports. Prospective cohort study of all neonatal transports during a period of 13 months from various maternity and pediatric centers was conducted; 151(More)
This study compares the inter hospital long distance transports undertaken by a qualified transport team versus those done by other means. This was a retrospective descriptive comparative study of the neonatal transports done during a period of 33 months from various maternity and pediatric centers to a pediatric tertiary referral centre. We found that(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was aimed at comparing the accuracy in length of insertion of umbilical arterial catheter in all new born groups stratified according to weight, by using two different methods, that is, Wright et al./Case (Group I): (4 × Body wt (BW) (kg)) +7; Shukla et al./Control (Group II): (3 × BW (kg)) +9. STUDY DESIGN It was a randomized open(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the safety and efficacy of Colistimethate sodium in children infected with gram-negative bacteria, susceptible only to colistimethate sodium. METHODS This prospective observational study done over 2 years observed children who received colistin for >48 h, for renal failure as defined by p-RIFLE criteria. RESULTS Out of 68 children,(More)
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