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This investigation demonstrates the magnetic properties and nanostructures of CoPt(3) wire arrays that were fabricated by electrodeposition using a porous alumina template. The X-ray absorption analysis clearly verified the occurrence of a phase transition in CoPt(3) nanowires. This phase transition significantly influences the magnetic properties and(More)
The diffusiophoretic and electrophoretic motions of a dielectric spherical particle in an electrolyte solution located between two infinite parallel plane walls are studied theoretically. The imposed electrolyte concentration gradient or electric field is constant and parallel to the two plates, which may be either impermeable to the ions/charges or(More)
To meet the requirements of smaller devices while still maintaining high performance, it is necessary to form shallow source/drain extensions with high activation. For 65nm devices, reducing the "peak width" of spike annealing will enhance device performance. Two RTP tools were compared by 65nm device performance with different residence times (1.4s and(More)
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