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The physiological mechanisms underlying interindividual differences in chronotype have yet to be established, although evidence suggests both circadian and homeostatic processes are involved. A physiologically based model is developed by combining models of the sleep-wake switch and circadian pacemaker, providing a means of examining how interactions(More)
Owing to the diversity in cause and damage, there is no standard surgical treatment method for a complicated penetrating craniofacial injury. The treatment of a complicated penetrating head injury caused by a steel bar is presented here. A 66-year-old woman fell onto a steel bar at a construction site and it penetrated the mandible, entered the sinus and(More)
To meet the requirements of smaller devices while still maintaining high performance, it is necessary to form shallow source/drain extensions with high activation. For 65nm devices, reducing the "peak width" of spike annealing will enhance device performance. Two RTP tools were compared by 65nm device performance with different residence times (1.4s and(More)
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