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Efficient strategies for precise genome editing in human-induced pluripotent cells (hiPSCs) will enable sophisticated genome engineering for research and clinical purposes. The development of programmable sequence-specific nucleases such as Transcription Activator-Like Effectors Nucleases (TALENs) and Cas9-gRNA allows genetic modifications to be made more(More)
Let r = (r i) n i=1 be a sequence of real numbers of length n with sum s. Fluctuation theory is the name given to that part of probability theory which deals with the fluctuations of the partial sums s i. Define p(r) to be the number of positive sum s i among s 1 ,. .. , s n and m(r) to be the smallest index i with s i = max 0kn s k. An important problem in(More)
In 1999, the 512-bit number of 155 digits taken from the RSA Challenge list was first factored by the General Number Field Sieve. This work was done on a supercomputer and about 300 PCs or workstations by 17 experts all over the world. The calendar time for the factorization was over 6 months. Based on the open source GGNFS, we improved its algorithms and(More)