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One of the more mature instances of a service-oriented architecture is the model known as Grid Computing. Computational Grids and Data Grids are becoming commonplace in certain sectors, yet the style of security they implement is suitable only for a fairly small subset of possible user communities. Using some case studies and experience, we describe the(More)
We propose a novel scheme that uses Trusted Computing technology to secure Grid workflows. This scheme allows the selection of trustworthy resource providers based on their platform states. The integrity and confidentiality of workflow jobs are provided using cryptographic keys that can only be accessed when resource provider platforms are in trustworthy(More)
Previous work has reported on `Instant Knowledge', a context-aware social networking based recommendation system for enterprise. This paper outlines a hierarchical privacy architecture, to provide anonymity, unlink ability, unobservability and pseudonymity to IK users. Users are grouped according to `proportional distance reservation', which indicates how(More)