Po-Wah Yau

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We propose a novel scheme that uses Trusted Computing technology to secure Grid workflows. This scheme allows the selection of trustworthy resource providers based on their platform states. The integrity and confidentiality of workflow jobs are provided using cryptographic keys that can only be accessed when resource provider platforms are in trustworthy(More)
— This paper highlights the need to meet both Grid user and resource provider security requirements, describing the rationale for securing Grid workflows: a set of tasks arranged into a logical order to process a Grid user's dataset. An overview of a secure protocol using Trusted Computing technology is provided, which is further enhanced with platform(More)
The Grid, a distributed computing paradigm, seeks to exploit the synergies of technology and social collaboration to solve data or computation-intensive problems. Solving such problems requires the management of multiple tasks, their relationships and execution to produce valid and reliable results — this is the focus of Grid work-flow research [2]. The(More)
A number of approaches to the automatic generation of IPv6 addresses have been proposed with the goal of preserving the privacy of IPv6 hosts. However, existing schemes for address autoconfiguration do not adequately consider the full context in which they might be implemented , in particular the impact of low quality random number generation. This can have(More)
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