Po-Tsun Liu

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In this study, a non-selenized CuInGaSe2 (CIGS) solar device with textured zinc oxide (ZnO) antireflection coatings was studied. The ZnO nanostructure was fabricated by a low-temperature aqueous solution deposition method. With controlling the morphology of the solution-grown tapered ZnO nanorod coatings, the average reflectance of the CIGS solar device(More)
— This letter demonstrates the characteristics of a resistive switching memory [resistive random access memory (RRAM)] device with a bilayer structure of aluminum–zinc–tin-oxide (AZTO) and HfO 2-film layers. As for the RRAM operation, the formation and rupture processes of the conductive filaments can be confined in the HfO 2 layer with low-concentration(More)
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