Po-Sheng Huang

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Summary form only given. In mobile agent research, agent-to-agent (A2A) communication often relies on an infrastructure of the discovery server to resolve the location of the agents. This not only induces overhead on managing, maintaining and deploying these discovery servers, but also complicates the development of agent applications. While considering(More)
Backward Associative Strength (BAS) is considered as a good predictor of false memory (FM) produced by Deese-Roediger-McDermott (DRM) task. Previous study found that both semantic properties and BAS load on the same factor of the task (Brainerd et al., 2008). It is proposed that DRM lists composed of Situation Properties (SP) can elicit high FM at low BAS(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that arguments incompatible with prior beliefs are subjected to more extensive refutational processing, scrutinized longer, and judged to be weaker than arguments compatible with prior beliefs. However, this study suggests whether extensive processing is implemented when evaluating arguments is not decided by argument(More)
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