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Scenario-based prototyping captures the external view of a system from the user's perspective, accomplishing the objectives of rapid prototyping., The Screen-Based Scenario Generator (SBSG) is an automated tool, based on this concept, for the users to create, edit, compile, and execute the scenarios of a system. The underlying concept and an overview of(More)
One of the biggest problems in regression testing of a concurrent or distributed program is non-deterministic behavior which may produce diierent results from previous test with same test data. To solve this, we propose a set of synchronized-communication primitives and a new replay algorithm which uses these primitives to arrange all the execution(More)
Code coverage analysis holds a very important role in software testing procedure. By the test case runs it provides developers by means to quantify of how well their source code is being exercised. By detecting errors/bugs in the code it estimates the efficiency of the test. We must implement a systematic way and support the theoretical bases for testing(More)
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