Po-Kuang Chang

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This research applied both the traditional and the fuzzy control methods for mobile satellite antenna tracking system design. Firstly, the antenna tracking and the stabilization loops were designed according to the traditional bandwidth and phase margin requirements. However, the performances would be degraded if the tacking loop gain is reduced due to(More)
This research integrated a MEMS electrostatic driven micro-probe and a laser Doppler vibrometer for non-contact vibration mode scanning probe microscope system design. The microprobe tip was placed in perpendicular to the sample surface, and the built-in capacitor on the microprobe was excited to vibrate by a sinusoidal drive voltage to generate Coulomb(More)
This research applied Proportion and Integration (PI) type fuzzy methods for mobile satellite antenna control system design. The detailed block diagram of a satellite antenna tracking system is very lousy; it is very difficult to obtain the key parameters for analyses and simulation. Thus a simplified model of antenna pitching or yawing control system is(More)
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