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BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori are gram-negative spiral bacteria that are associated with chronic gastritis, a known precursor of gastric carcinoma. Persons at high risk for gastric carcinoma have been shown to have a high prevalence of H. pylori infection. METHODS We studied the relation of H. pylori infection and gastric carcinoma in a cohort of(More)
The association of weight, body mass index and other anthropometric measurements with cancer was investigated in a cohort of 7,840 men, examined and interviewed from 1965-1968 in Hawaii. After 23 years of follow-up, histologically confirmed incident cases of prostate (n = 306), colon (n = 289), lung (n = 236), stomach (n = 229) and rectal (n = 108) cancer(More)
To determine whether infection with a Helicobacter pylori strain possessing cagA is associated with an increased risk of development of adenocarcinoma of the stomach, we used a nested case-control study based on a cohort of 5443 Japanese-American men in Oahu, Hawaii, who had a physical examination and a phlebotomy during 1967 to 1970. We matched 103 H.(More)
BACKGROUND Research has shown that fish consumption limits damage to the lungs caused by cigarette smoking, possibly by the effects of fish on arachidonic acid metabolism. We explored this fish-smoking interaction using coronary heart disease (CHD) incidence and mortality as the outcome. METHODS AND RESULTS The Honolulu Heart Program began in 1965 to(More)
A cohort study of upper aerodigestive tract cancer was conducted among 7,995 Japanese-American men who were interviewed and examined from 1965 to 1968. Information was collected about smoking history and alcohol and dietary intake. After 24 years, 92 incident cases with histological confirmation of diagnosis were identified. Current cigarette smokers at(More)
Helicobacter pylori is an important risk factor for gastric cancer, gastric ulcer, and duodenal ulcer, yet most infected persons do not develop disease. We examined two correlates of acquisition age, sibship size and birth order, to evaluate the hypothesis that early life acquisition of H. pylori is a risk factor for the development of these illnesses. In(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether a preexisting Helicobacter pylori infection increases the risk for developing duodenal or gastric ulcer. DESIGN A nested case-control study based on a cohort of 5443 Japanese-American men who had a physical examination and a phlebotomy from 1967 to 1970. SETTING All 10 general hospitals on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. (More)
The association between acculturation to a Western lifestyle and prevalence of diabetes was examined among 8,006 Japanese-American men in Hawaii with varying degrees of exposure to traditional Japanese social and cultural lifestyles in 1965-1968. A reduced prevalence of diabetes was observed among the men who had retained a more Japanese lifestyle. These(More)
The association of diet and smoking with bladder cancer was investigated in a cohort study conducted in Hawaii. The study included 7995 Japanese-American men who were born between 1900 and 1919, and were examined from 1965 to 1968. After 22 years of follow-up, 96 incident cases of bladder cancer were diagnosed. Current cigarette smokers had a 2.9-fold risk(More)
To compare clinical features and assess risk factors for human granulocytic ehrlichiosis (HGE) and early Lyme disease, we enrolled patients in a case-control study during the 1996 and 1997 tick seasons. Clinical and demographic characteristics were assessed for patients with laboratory-confirmed cases of HGE or Lyme disease, and risk factors were compared(More)