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Test cost is becoming a more and more significant portion of the cost structure in advanced semiconductor products. To address this issue, we propose HOY - a novel wireless test system with enhanced embedded test features. We present the concept, architecture, and test flow for future semiconductor products tested by HOY. Necessary technologies for the(More)
In the paper, we study a channel borrowzng scheme ap-plzed zn a radzo cellular system where call queuezng and cutoff przorzty for handoff calls, whzch can zmprove the system performance, are also conszdered Because the trade-off between the new call blockzng probabalzty and the forced termznatzon probabzlzty, we heurzstzcally define a cost function , whzch(More)
This paper presents low-voltage low-power limiter, RSSI, and demodulator designs for a low-IF wireless FSK receiver. The IF is located at 3 MHz. The FSK demodulator is implemented by a delay-locked loop associated with the techniques of digital offset cancellation and modified phase-frequency detection. The demodulated data can be recovered with one-clock(More)