Po-Chan Yeh

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Walkers are frequently used by elderly people with weak lower limbs and limited balance, but the ergonomic relationship between the use of a walker and stress on the upper limbs is relatively unstudied. The current study assessed wrist deviation and vertical force among elderly individuals using a walker for assistance in walking. 60 elderly volunteers (M(More)
The present study investigated the effects of numeral size, spacing between targets, and exposure time on the discrimination performance by elderly and younger people using a liquid crystal display screen. Analysis showed size of numerals significantly affected discrimination, which increased with increasing numeral size. Spacing between targets also had a(More)
This study analyzed psychophysical data from younger and elderly people on the influence of spacing between vertical lines, exposure time, and number of vertical lines in a stimulus for visual performance. A total of 50 elderly people and 31 graduate students participated in the experiment. Nine levels of spacing between lines (3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24,(More)
Technological advances have driven the development of information technology (IT) products and communication using mobile devices has become a part of daily life. When using mobile devices, reading time and font size are important communication elements that significantly affect reading performance. However, studies of reading performance in older samples(More)
Research investigating walkers suggests that safety and assistance for the elderly with weak lower limbs were important. However, the relationship between the use of a walker and the upper limbs has received little investigation. Standing up and sitting down are important daily activities. Therefore, the aim of this study was to explore wrist deviation and(More)
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