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The authors describe a case of giant benign cystadenoma of the ovary in a 55 year old woman. The patient came to their observation complaining of severe abdominal pain which started right after she was treated with a paracentesis, because of the suspicion of cirrhosis with ascites. The authors briefly outline the two goals of the diagnostic strategy: the(More)
Simultaneous intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy is considered to be very rare. The Authors describe a case of intrauterine pregnancy which degenerated into vesicular mola and was associated with a tubal pregnancy. It is concluded that, in spite of the presently available advanced investigational techniques, the identification of such an event still a(More)
In 30 consecutive patients with Prinzmetal's angina pectoris, the antiischemic effect of felodipine, a new long-acting vasoselective calcium antagonist, administered at doses of 10 and 20 mg once daily was compared with that of the well-established therapeutic regimen with nifedipine administered at a dose of 20 mg 4 times daily. Twenty-four-hour Holter(More)
Soft limbs with anisotropic stiffness are common in nature and enable animals to solve a variety of tasks, including locomotion and manipulation. This mixture of hardness and softness enables animals to efficiently control the unpredictable contact forces that occur while performing such tasks. A challenge for soft robotics is to create artificial limbs(More)
Preliminary experiments in extracorporeal cleansing of long ischaemic limbs with isolated liver prior to re-establishment of normal circulation are described. The absence of cases of renal block and the survival of all the animals so treated offer encouragement for the prosecution of this line of investigation.
To assess the prevalence of abnormal coronary vasoconstriction in stable exertional angina and to evaluate whether the presence of increased coronary tone may have therapeutic implications, we studied 83 consecutive patients with typical exertional angina, positive response to exercise stress testing and documented coronary artery disease. Abnormal coronary(More)