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Gestational breast cancer (GBC) is a rare disease characterised by an aggressive clinical and biological behaviour [1]. In selected GBC patients, the administration of anthracycline-based regimens was shown to improve outcome [1]; however, the safety of this approach remains of concern. Here, we report the effects of anthracycline-based regimens on the(More)
A study was carried out to determine whether variations in the respiration rate during physical exercise could be used as a physiological variable in controlling the rate of an implanted pacemaker. The relation between respiration rate and heart rate was significantly correlated in 73 patients (19 with normal lung function, four with restrictive pulmonary(More)
SUMMARY In the atypical case presented, a calcified myxoma of the left atrium simulated isolated mitral insufficiency. Unique hemodynamic and phonocardiographic events were recorded. A notch in the upstroke of the left ventricular pressure tracing during isometric contraction occurred simultaneously with an ejection sound, which fused with the first heart(More)
We compared unenhanced and contrast-enhanced fast MRI and CT in the detection of liver metastases. Eleven patients with single or multiple hepatic lesions (42 in all) were submitted to CT and MR studies; T1- and T2-weighted TSE, T2-weighted TSE with fat suppression, unenhanced breath-hold TFE and early or delayed enhanced breath-hold TFE images were(More)
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