Pleasant F. Hooper

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PURPOSE The recommendations for exercise training and physical activity for older adults include cardiovascular and resistance training components (CVT and RT, respectively). The purpose of the present investigation was to compare the fitness benefits of concurrent CVT and RT with those attained through an equivalent duration of CVT or RT alone. METHODS(More)
Differences in incidence and outcome of cancer among ethnic groups may be explained by biological and/or socio-economic factors. Genetic variations that affect chronic inflammation, a potentially important risk factor for carcinogenesis, may differ across ethnic groups. Such differences may help explain cancer disparities among these groups. Single(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the long-term stability of the antiproliferative effect of mitomycin-C (MMC) following reconstitution. METHODS Identical MMC preparations were reconstituted from the crystalline form and then stored at room temperature or 4 degrees C. Cultured human Tenon's fibroblasts were exposed to MMC (0.5 mg/ml) for(More)
BACKGROUND Despite a large body of literature on the subject of Crohn's disease (CD), very little information is available on racial/ethnic differences related to disease presentation, clinical course, and genetics. The first identified CD susceptibility gene, CARD15, seems to be present in up to 40% of white children with CD. However, the frequency of this(More)
Gastric and duodenal biopsies from 90 patients with various acid peptic disorders-reflux esophagitis (n = 24), gastric ulcer (n = 13), duodenal ulcer (n = 47) and nonulcer dyspepsia (n = 6)-were examined. Seven patients with minimal dyspeptic symptoms and an endoscopically and histologically normal stomach and duodenum served as controls. Immunoperoxidase(More)
The aim of this study was to make unbiased quantitative estimates of the number of T8 cytotoxic cells and T4 helper cells and macrophages in the head and tail of rat epididymides, using newly developed design-based stereological methods in fertile control animals, and to compare these with results from vasectomized animals. The location of these cells(More)
Tyrosinemia resulting from administration of protein-dense infant diets was detected by newborn screening in two infants. Change of formula resulted in rapid resolution of the hypertyrosinemia. These cases identify nonstandard infant diets as a benign and reversible cause of tyrosinemia and a potential cause of positive newborn phenylketonuria screening.
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