Plawan Kumar Jha

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Redox-active pyrrole (Py) monomers were intercalated into 1D nanochannels of [Cd(NDC)0.5(PCA)]·Gx (H2NDC = 2,6-napthalenedicarboxylic acid, HPCA = 4-pyridinecarboxylic acid, G = guest molecules) (1) - a fluorescent 3D MOF (λem = 385 nm). Subsequent activation of 1⊃Py upon immersing into iodine (I2) solution resulted in an increment of the bulk electrical(More)
Owing to long spin-relaxation time and chemically customizable physical properties, molecule-based semiconductor materials like metal-phthalocyanines offer promising alternatives to conventional dilute magnetic semiconductors/oxides (DMSs/DMOs) to achieve room-temperature (RT) ferromagnetism. However, air-stable molecule-based materials exhibiting both(More)
Metal-organic coordination polymers (CPs) downsized to thin films with controllable electrical conductivity are promising for electronic device applications. Here we demonstrate, for the first time, thermally driven resistive switching in thin films of semiconducting CPs consisting of silver ion and tetracyanoquinodimethane ligand (Ag-TCNQ). High-quality(More)
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