Plamen S Georgiev

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The aim of the present study was to test for the efficacy of a slow release GnRH-agonist implant (4.7 mg deslorelin, Suprelorin) in the male cat. Ten toms were implanted sc in the neck. Changes in(More)
Although slow release GnRH-agonist implants have been shown to effectively suppress the estrous cycle in queens, there are still several remaining questions about their use: if the probability and(More)
A significantly reduced gonadotropin and testosterone secretion is a well-described result of long-term administration of GnRH agonists in the male dog and cat. To date, no data are available about(More)
Slow-release GnRH agonist implants are considered an effective, reversible alternative to surgical castration in male tom cats. Individual differences exist regarding the onset of efficacy and might(More)