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OBJECTIVE Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death by disease in the U.S. Diabetes also contributes to higher rates of morbidity-people with diabetes are at higher risk for heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, extremity amputations, and other chronic conditions. The objectives of this study were 1). to estimate the direct medical and indirect(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a practical motor imagery-based brain-controlled switch as functional as a real-world switch that is reliable with a minimal false positive operation rate and convenient for users without the need of attention to the switch during a 'No Control' state (when not to activate the switch). METHODS Four healthy volunteers were instructed(More)
This thesis work describes the design and implementation of an aggregate view maintenance mechanism for web applications in the Cloud. Maintaining consistent views and ensuring fault and partition tolerance is generally hard as the CAP theorem postulates that these three properties cannot hold simultaneously. Nevertheless, web application transactions are(More)
Economic Papers are written by the Staff of the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, or by experts working in association with them. The Papers are intended to increase awareness of the technical work being done by staff and to seek comments and suggestions for further analysis. The views expressed are the author's alone and do not(More)
for generously providing the laboratory, Ze Yu for coordinating the use of laboratory, and Yuqi Zheng for excellent research assistance. All errors are our own. Abstract We study how gradualism-increasing required levels (" thresholds ") of contributions slowly over time rather than requiring a high level of contribution immediately-affects individuals'(More)
This is to certify that the thesis prepared by Plamen Nikolov entitled " The effect of concurrent cognitive-visuomotor multitasking and task difficulty on dynamic functional connectivity in the brain " has been approved by his committee as satisfactory completion of the thesis requirement for the degree of Master of Science. ii Acknowledgements I would like(More)