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— The measurement of the dielectric constant and loss tangent anisotropy of the planar RF substrates by the two-resonator method is considered in this paper. The principles of the separate determination of these parameters parallel and perpendicular to the substrate surface is discussed by three pairs of cavity measurement resonators, based on cylinder,(More)
The term “equivalent conductivity” has been used in this paper for characterization of metallized plastic antenna components in Ka band. The measured values of this parameter can be used to replace the bulk conductivity of metal bodies in the 3-D simulators for implementation of better simulations of the metallized plastic antenna structures.(More)
– The paper considers several spread internal EMC problems, which take place in some microwave passive non-antenna devices – parasitic radiation, " high-altitude " fields, crosstalk, grounding inefficiency, etc. Near-field scanning combined with electromagnetic simulations have been used for their prediction and detection. Several design rules have been(More)
In this paper we compare the results from 3-D simulations of simple planar lines on anisotropic substrates in anisotropic and equivalent isotropic material option. We found out that there exist up to 3–4 % differences between the measured and calculated through the phase delay effective dielectric constants for the main types of planar transmission(More)
An interdisciplinary format of a masters program in microwave communication has been designed and applied as a combination of engineering physics and innovation management training, taking into account latest research on worldwide requirements of business leaders. In addition, students are guided into strategic mentoring relations with academic staff and(More)
The paper considers the problems of the dielectric anisotropy and determination of so-called equivalent dielectric constant of different planar transmission lines on anisotropic substrates, when they have been covered with dielectric overlays with open or shielded top surfaces. The idea is to investigate the possibilities for direct measurements of the(More)
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