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Secure Routing for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
Analysis shows that EndairALoc can not only inherit security of EndairA, but also resist man-in-the-mid attack and even wormhole attack and can save more energy in the process of routing establishment. Expand
Intuitionistic fuzzy hierarchical clustering algorithms
Intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS) is a set of 2-tuple arguments, each of which is characterized by a membership degree and a nonmembership degree. The generalized form of IFS is interval-valuedExpand
The Similar Cloud and the Measurement Method
Cloud model integrates fuzziness and randomness of the qualitative concepts in the natural language. With cloud model, mapping between quantities and qualities becomes much easier andExpand
Research on Compatibility and Consistency of Fuzzy Complementary Judgement Matrices
This paper presents the concepts of compatibility and weight matrices of fuzzy complementary judgement matrices, makes a detailed study of consistency of fuzzy complementary judgement matrix andExpand
Linear Water-Filling Power Allocation Algorithm in OFDMA System
Power allocation is an important issue of resource scheduling in OFDMA system. In this paper, an algorithm of linear water-filling power allocation is proposed through searching for a rapid means forExpand
Comprehensive evaluation method of metropolitan public transportation system based on analysis hierarchical process and grey theory
Given to the characteristics of metropolitan public transportation system,a comprehensive evaluation system was established based on the analysis of the size division standard of Chinese cities,whichExpand
Wave Energy Resources Assessment in the China Sea During the Last 22 Years by Using WAVEWATCH-III Wave Model
The third-generation wave model WAVEWATCH-Ⅲ was used to simulate the wave field of the China Sea from January,1988 to December,2009,with wind input of CCMP wind field.In order to evaluate the waveExpand
Existing Problem and Improvement of "Hungary Arithmetic
It's found that "Hungary arithmetic" in the assignment problem could not get convergence when dealing with special data, and could not obtain optimum result.Points out reason of problem by analyzingExpand
Comparison of abrasive mixing methods in the WJC devices
In water jet cutting(WJC) devices,the cutting medium are many kinds of abrasives.There are two types of abrasive mixing methods widely used in present WJC devices: post-mixing and pre-mixing.TheExpand
Simulation of UCA-ESPRIT Algorithm in Smart Antennas
ESPRIT algorithm is one of the approaches to the achievement of high-resolution DoA estimation. In this paper the UCA (Uniform Circular Array)-ESPRIT algorithm for DoA (Direction of Arrival)Expand