Plínio Moreira de Góes

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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to assess the treatment outcome after varicocele repair in azoospermic men and to correlate this outcome with the testicular histology patterns. METHODS Medical records of 15 azoospermic men who underwent testis biopsy and microsurgical repair of clinical varicocele between July 1999 and November 2000 were(More)
Purpose: To determine whether repair of subclinical varicoceles in the right testicle results in significant seminal improvement in patients with clinical left varicocele. Methods: Patients were divided into two groups: Group I (unilateral varicocelectomy) and Group II (bilateral varicocelectomy—subclinical left varicocele). The mean sperm concentration(More)
Purpose: Correlate semen analysis, hormones, and testicular volume with the number of veins ligated. Methods: Patients were divided into three groups: Group 1 (≤5 veins), Group 2 (6–10 veins), and Group 3 (> 10 veins). We evaluated testicular volume, hormonal levels, sperm concentration, and motility before and after the surgical procedure. Results: In(More)
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