Plácido Rogério Pinheiro

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This work presents a hybrid optimization framework for tackling cutting and packing problems, which is based upon a particular combination scheme between heuristic and exact methods. A metaheuristic engine works as a generator of reduced instances for the original optimization problem, which are formulated as mathematical programming models. These(More)
The decision may be defined as a result of a process of choice, given an identified problem or when the decision maker faces an opportunity of creation, optimization or improvement in an environment. Considering that agile methodologies, in focus Framework SCRUM, are always more popular in Development Software Companies, and noticing that the mentioned(More)
This paper presents a novel hybrid approach for solving the Container Loading (CL) problem based on the combination of Integer Linear Programming (ILP) and Genetic Algorithms (GAs). More precisely, a GA engine works as a generator of reduced instances for the original CL problem, which are formulated as ILP models. These instances, in turn, are solved by an(More)
The very early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has been deeply investigated in numerous studies in the past years. These studies have demonstrated that the pathology usually arises decades before the clinical diagnosis is effectively made, and so a reliable identification of AD in its earliest stages is one of the major challenges clinicians and(More)
Aiming to answer the growing demand for professionals with knowledge about software processes, this article presents ideas for using educational tools that supports its teaching, through realistic experiences away from risks of real projects. The paper defines four options of prototypes of interfaces with specific characteristics which were evaluated(More)
This paper presents an applicability analysis over a novel integer programming model devoted to optimize power consumption efficiency in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. This model is based upon a schedule of sensor allocation plans in multiple time intervals subject to coverage and connectivity constraints. By turning off a specific set of redundant(More)